Audit Staff

The audit staff at IZ Systems is easily the most experienced in the compressed air and vacuum industry having fully analyzed several thousand compressed air and vacuum systems. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive analysis of each compressed air system and then provide a set of alternative solutions to the client. We then assist in evaluating those alternatives to select that which best suits the clients needs financially and operationally. We clearly define the existing air demand, power requirements, and energy costs which allows us to accurately project the same after completing the recommended upgrades. We believe that in order to be valid, an audit must record the performance of the system to allow independent verification if necessary, particularly in the case of utility incentives and rebates.

The most distinct advantage of the IZ Systems audit method is our in depth analysis of the demand or process side of a system, a thorough examination of the pneumatic production and process applications in the facility. The unique requirements on the production floor determines the operational limitations of the supply side of air and vacuum systems, so our method includes designing specific solutions to these production applications to provide the flexibility required to dramatically improve the system’s efficiency. We then provide a complete analysis of the compressed air supply equipment including cooling water, towers, chillers, condensate drain systems, so we can accurately match the supply system to the reconfigured plant air demand.

Defining the costs of the recommended modifications allows us to provide a preliminary return on investment for evaluating the viability of a system upgrade project. We discuss upgrade alternatives during the audit process so that the clients’ requirements are clearly defined and the most appropriate alternative is developed. We offer services to assist with the implementation of the recommendations including system startup and savings verification for both compressed air and vacuum systems. Because of the thoroughness of our methods, iZ guarantees the return on investment based on our work through full turn-key implementation if desired by the client.

iZ Systems has designed and installed hundreds of compressed air and industrial automation systems which gives us the practical experience of actually making a system run as intended. This experience has strongly influenced our audit and design methods which tend to be very practical and maximize the ROI and provide long term retention of energy savings for the client.

As a result of our extensive experience in auditing and engineering air systems, we provide complete design services for new systems and green field sites including specifications, CAD design, P&ID, bid packages, as well as startup assistance. We also write programming for PLC automation to control virtually any combination of compressor and process requirement.

We will be pleased to provide samples of our work for any industry category, technical articles concerning compressed air, and/or references upon request.

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