iZ Systems Pressure Flow Controls

In addition to being experts in compressor automation control design, manufacturing and application engineering; iZ Systems can provide the same expertise in pressure flow controls. iZ Systems has decades of experience engineering and manufacturing anything from the smallest to the largest pressure flow control valves and valve systems. We provide pressure flow control valve solutions as a part of our audit recommendations and turnkey project solutions to provide digital system pressure control at the touch of a button in 1 psi increments, save energy, improve air quality, protect the pressure in critical areas and reduce pressure fluctuations.

iZ Systems offers a wide variety of pressure flow control valve solutions:

  • Single valve pressure flow control valves to optimize control of the header pressure in industrial or process facilities with 50-2000hp in compressors online
  • Dual valve pressure flow control valve systems that can handle up to the largest air systems in the world
  • Back pressure flow control valves to protect the pressure in a critical area and allow excess air from base load compressor(s) to be supplied to the rest of the facility
  • Pneumatic flow control valve solutions to handle high turndown and cyclical applications that require no electrical power
  • High pressure control valves that can control pressures up to 600psig
  • High pressure to low pressure automated crossover valves to backup low pressure systems with air from high pressure systems in multi pressure facilities
  • Larger base loaded compressors located downstream of the pressure flow control and smaller trim compressors located upstream for improved system efficiency. This approach can works with mixed systems with both centrifugal and rotary screw compressors
  • Custom engineered valve system solutions to provide reduced pressure drop and tighter pressure band supply to critical machines, applications or processes
  • When used in combination with our Automation controls we can remotely change pressure setpoint, remotely view pressure trends, provide remote tuning support to optimize valve performance when system parameters change


Below is a basic explanation of what is a pressure flow control and information on some of the benefits of installation a pressure flow control. Contact us for more information and to request help with your pressure flow control needs.

Picture of Electronics Flow Controller


iZ systems dual valve 8000 installation example