iZ Systems Corporate Energy Initiatives

iZ Systems is focused on supporting the corporate client in implementing and maintaining the gains of compressed air systems efficiency upgrades across its facilities. Our process model has been refined over 2 decades of working with corporate partners to achieve a major change in the focus on energy wasted in compressed air systems. Our costs in achieving the system upgrades dramatically decrease as the first few plants are implemented and commissioned. This results in dramatic costs savings for the corporate client in several areas. Additionally, iZ guarantees the results which minimizes the risks of the projects as our effectiveness grows.

  • Twice the audit in half the time because of our growing familiarity with the process equipment and what is required to maximize compressed air efficiency in each industry.
  • iZ can prove dramatic changes in the status quo for how major process equipment is operated in many industries resulting in huge energy savings. These changes require low capital investment and enhance the ROI for the total project.
  • The design and engineering phase of the final project is dramatically reduced leading to faster implementation and savings attainment.
  • Project management, startup and verification costs are also reduced as the best practice approach is refined.

iZ Systems Corporate Energy Initiative Process Model

iZ’s process model for obtaining and maintaining compressed air energy savings across a corporate clients facilities has been documented and refined by our two decades of success.

  • Identify the corporate opportunity
    • Define the ROI or payback required
    • Collect preliminary data on the compressed air systems
  • Select the primary target facilities
    • Maximum returns for lowest outlay of capital
    • Facilities with compressed air issues or limitations
  • Conduct initial system audits
    • Corporate discounted audit rates apply
    • Evaluate the initial audits and potential projects
  • Select most attractive projects
    • Approve for engineering and firm proposals
  • iZ conducts final engineering and selects contractors
    • Final design approved by client
    • Firm contractor bids obtained
  • iZ provides guaranteed investment grade proposal
  • Client releases the initial project (s)
  • iZ commissions upgraded system
    • Provide startup and training
    • Test in a variety of demand levels
  • iZ provides verification report
    • Includes data for independent review of clients choice