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Air Compressor Leaks Could Cause Your Business to Lose a Great Deal of Money

Industrial air compressor that might be leaking

The Department of Energy research shows that air leaks represent on average 25-30% of an industrial compressed air systems total demand for air. And that 50% of all compressed air produced in these plants are considered waste. When you have leaks, air systems tend to have to operate at a higher pressure to overcome the… Read more »

What Should You Expect From a Compressed Air Audit?

Two workers performing a compressed air audit

How much money is your facility spending on energy? If you’re like most facilities, around 40% of your energy costs relate to compressed air usage. It makes sense (and saves cents) to have a compressed air audit in order to see how efficient your systems are, right? Your air compressors might have control conflicts, your… Read more »

Compressed Air Audits Help Businesses Discover These Issues

Technician performing a compressed air audit

Does your business use a compressed air system? If so, you might wonder what you need to do to properly maintain it. As such, you should know what issues could arise. So what are some common issues with compressed air systems? Low Pressure One of the main issues with compressed air systems is that their… Read more »

How an Objective Compressed Air Auditor Can Help Your Industrial Business

engineers near air compressor system

Why might you want to work with an outside resource for your compressed air system analysis? Sometimes it’s hard to take time to find potential improvements to your company when you’re in the midst of the daily grind and trying to juggle dozens of tasks. Outside resources, however, are new to your company, they’re objective… Read more »

Improve Air Compressor Efficiency With a Professional Audit

Compressed Air Audits

Unfortunately, businesses across the country waste energy and money on their air compressed air systems. Without the help of an experienced compressed air professionals and access to the proper measured data, it is difficult to know whether or not your system is working optimally. By having a compressed air audit done, you can find out… Read more »

An Example of How Compressed Air Systems Can Save Your Company Bundles of Money

iZ Case Study

Plenty of companies will promise to save you money when you invest in their products or services. However, very few of them can deliver the way that iZ Systems has over the years. Recently, iZ Systems was able to help food packaging manufacturer Pactiv—a company located in Macon, Georgia that specializes in producing molded fiber… Read more »

Top Six Reasons to Have a Compressed Air Audit

Compressed Air System Audits

When most businesses hear the word “audit,’’ they envision accountants in expensive business suits pulling out magnifying glasses to closely examine their books. As such, the word audit can have a negative connotation, even though the process of having a third party examine your finances or operations or equipment can prove to be quite advantageous… Read more »

The Importance of Compressed Air in Industrial Settings

Compressed Air in Industrial Settings

When you walk into just about any industrial facility, it won’t take very long to see the importance of compressed air. It’s used to carry out many tasks within an industrial setting.  Despite the many advances that have been made in technology over the years, it’s unlikely that compressed air is going to go away… Read more »

Tips to Achieve Compressed Air Energy Savings

Compressed Air Energy

If your company relies on compressed air within your facility, it’s easy to run through a lot of energy every month. This can send your energy bills skyrocketing and cost you a small fortune each year. However, there are some ways that you can cut back on how much energy you’re using on a regular… Read more »

How Do Pressure Control Valves Work?

Pressure Control Valves

A Department of Energy survey found that plant operators cite reliability as their top concern for compressed air systems followed by air quality and operating cost. When it comes to a compressed air system, pressure-flow control is of utmost importance for addressing all three of these top concerns. At the heart of any pressure-flow control… Read more »

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