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Project Preview: Big Improvements Planned Nationwide in 2017

Three men in a modern office setting, two using computers and one standing with a folder, smiling at the seated colleague.

At Case Controls, we are currently celebrating our 31st year in business. While we’re based in Evansville, Indiana, we have helped a number of companies – both large and small – from all across the world to upgrade the controllers and systems that they use to operate their plants and factories. From Kimberley-Clark and Michelin… Read more »

Using Storage to Control Compressed Air Costs

By: Dean E. Smith iZ Systems There are many ways to use storage in a compressed air system to improve the performance and repeatability of production equipment. No one method is a total solution. Some industry professionals will tell you that storage is not required for certain types of compressors. The system, however, can not… Read more »

yImproving Compressed Air Quality with the Elimination of Moisture

By: Chris E. Beals iZ Systems Senior Auditor Compressed air quality classes exist that define the acceptable levels of moisture and contaminants in compressed air. However, in spite of all the available information, the majority of industrial systems fail to achieve the desired air quality level, because end users fail to engineer the installation. The… Read more »

Control Strategies to Maximize the Efficiency of Compressed Air Systems

By: Dean E. Smith iZ Systems The dynamics of a compressed air system frequently plays havoc with the operation of the air compressors in the system. Unless you understand the system issues which impact the compressor controls once they are applied to a system, the controls can actually work against any attempt to improve the… Read more »

Chuck Anderson – Sweetheart Cup Company, – Chicago, IL

We started our project two years ago and found we had many choices. We have 8 compressors that were getting rebuilt of which 6 would get control packages installed, four already were fitted with outdated MP3 controls and 2 were fitted with Joy pneumatic controls and we would be adding 2 Gardner Denver wet screws…. Read more »