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iZ Systems History

  1. Hold copyrights and patents for advanced logic in compressed air automation
  2. On line support for system tuning and management with built in data acquisition
  3. Centrifugal load sharing technology and pressure flow control compatibility
  4. We have our own dedicated electrical panel and control valve shops in our Macon, GA manufacturing facility
  5. Hold patents for compressed air Pressure Flow Controller
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  1. The largest and most experienced compressed air audit and technical services firm
  2. The only significant compressed air firm guaranteeing audit and project results
  3. The only significant compressed air audit firm not affiliated with an OEM
  4. References in every industry for audits and projects
  5. Documented energy savings and project performance
  6. Patents for automation design and pressure flow controllers
  7. Turnkey approach allows us to guarantee the energy savings
  8. Experienced dedicated startup team with experience with interfacing and controlling virtually every make and model of compressor efficiently
  1. Originally Air Management in the 1980's Strictly auditing and technical services
  2. Partnered to form SDS Management in late 1980's To develop software and hardware to maximize the efficiency of compressed air systems, esp. automation and pressure flow controllers
  3. Formally combined SDS and Air Management to create Air Science Engineering in the mid 1990's with 4 senior auditors plus 5 support staff including automation and controls manufacturing
  4. In 2000, purchased by Goodrich Corporation to enhance their industrial group
  5. iZ personnel operated as Air Science Engineering div. Enpro Industries until 2005
  6. iZ Systems formally named to continue providing audits and technical services and further developed automation and data acquisition systems. Also provided the ability to guarantee performance and provide ongoing remote technical support
  7. In 2006, expanded iZ Systems to provide turnkey project execution and guarantee the energy savings and performance of compressed air and vacuum projects
  8. Includes all original personnel from Air Management and Air Science plus additional auditors, project managers, and automation support personnel
  9. In 2015 the large Tennessee Valley Authority Utility Awarded iZ Systems with the "Excellence in Performance Compressed Air" energyright solutions© Award along with the "Excellence in Performance Kentucky and Mississippi Awards" in recognition of the energy savings projects successfully completed. iZ is a TVA Preferred Partner
  10. In 2015 iZ Systems teams up with Case Engineering Inc. (aka Case Controls) to become the worldwide leader in offering compressed air automation and centrifugal compressor control solutions

Who is iZ Systems?

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